About us

Here at Truck Repair we specialize in customer service.  We repair vehicles as if they are our own and work with the customer to make the best decisions considering price factors and time lost.  We have been in business for over 45 years!

One reason we offer such great customer service is that our mechanics know your vehicles.  We have a very low employee turnover rate and know our customers by name.  We know when to replace their brakes, when they need to change their oil, when their DOT Inspection expires, etc.

Our owner, Pat, has been working here since he graduated from Votech school in 1986.  In 2013 he purchased the business and has stayed dedicated to customer service.  Over half of our staff has been here for more than ten years. 

We have a full stock of boom and crane parts, make hydraulic hoses in-house, and have mechanics who are certified to inspect booms.  Not only can we repair the boom truck, but we can also repair all the vehicles in the fleet including trailers, bobcats, flatbed trucks, and much more.  We have welding specialists who can create anything our customers may dream up to help them on the job site.

All of our mechanics are DOT certified and can perform both state and federal inspections.  We often customize our customer's Preventative Maintenance checklists to their specific needs and can help you with yours.  It is no problem to accommodate customers that require their own Preventative Maintenance Service Sheets.

In the event of an emergency, we have two service trucks fully stocked with parts and tools to handle just about any situation that should arise on the side of the road, at a job site, or in your yard.  Our long standing relationship with a local towing company will work to your advantage when a service call is not an option.